"My heart is hurting right now. I would rather be any place right this
moment than here. It's so painful"
- Michael Waltrip

"No matter where it happens or how it happens or even how
prepared you think you might be for it, losing somebody close
to you hurts. My heart just breaks for Teresa and the family."
-Kyle Petty

"NASCAR has lost its greatest driver ever, and I personally have lost a great friend.
    - NASCAR chairman Bill France Jr.


"It seems like I was put here to drive a race car.
I was bred and raised to do that." - Dale Earnhardt

"...I mean, it doesn't matter to me whether I beat him or not. He beat me so many damn times at everything
for so many years I got kind of used to it." - Dale Earnhardt Jr.

  "This is understandably the hardest announcement I've ever had to make. We've lost Dale Earnhardt."
-NASCAR president Mike Helton